Term of Use

Thank you for using the online education products (hereinafter referred to as "Walnut Coding products") developed by and subordinate to Beijing Congming Hetao Educational Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Walnut Coding", "Company" or "Walnut Coding Company". Walnut Coding products include the "Walnut Coding" products that are developed and may be developed by Walnut Coding in the future. The product end of Walnut Coding consists of the Walnut Coding App, the official website of Walnut Coding (domain name: www.walnutcoding.com), the WeChat service account, the WeChat mini apps and other mobile end software (i.e. App) developed from time to time to implement some or all of the functions of the Walnut Coding products (hereinafter referred to as the "Walnut Coding Product Terminal"). "). You can purchase and use the Walnut Coding products and the corresponding services after you have registered as a Walnut Coding user.

Walnut Coding will strictly follow the spirit and content of national laws and regulations such as the Administration of Internet Information Services Procedures and Provisions on the Management of Internet User Account Names Information. The terms and conditions that have or may have a significant relationship with your rights and interests, and the terms and conditions that have or may have exemption or limitation of liability for the Company have been marked in bold letters in this Agreement. Before registering as a Walnut Coding user, you must read the following terms and conditions carefully, especially the bolded ones (including but not limited to the terms under Article 9 "Applicable Law and Jurisdiction" that that disputes under this Agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the People's Court of the domicile of Walnut Coding Education & Technology Co.), and fully understand the content of each clause before choosing whether to accept this Walnut Coding User Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement").Once you submit your application for registration with Walnut Coding, it means that you have read all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and you have fully understood the meaning and legal consequences of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and agree to be bound by this Agreement.

If you agree to this Agreement by the form of clicking to confirm, or if you in fact have behaviors of using Walnut Coding products, you will be deemed to have fully accepted all the contents and terms of this Agreement, including any modifications and updates made by Walnut Coding to this Agreement from time to time, and you also agree to Walnut Coding Privacy Statement published or updated from time to time through the product ends of Walnut Coding, and this Agreement and the related statements constitute a binding legal document for both parties. If you do not agree to this Agreement, you should immediately stop registering or voluntarily stop using the products and services provided by Walnut Coding.

I. Signing of the Agreement and Amendments

1.Once you agree to the content of this Agreement and complete the registration process, you become an official user of the Walnut Coding product. By registering successfully, you will be deemed to confirm that you have the ability to act independently, that you are aware of your rights and that you can assume legal responsibility independently. If you are under the age of 18, you must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian to use Walnut Coding products and services. If you register for a Walnut Coding account and use Walnut Coding products and services in violation of the aforementioned registration restrictions, Walnut Coding reserves the right to suspend or terminate your user membership at any time and require your guardian to assume the corresponding responsibility.

2.You agree to abide by the provisions of various laws, regulations and regulatory documents of China and related countries, and in the event of any legal consequences arising from any breach thereof, you shall be independently liable in your own name for all corresponding legal consequences.

3.The content of this Agreement includes the terms and conditions contained in the main text of this Agreement and all kinds of rules, interpretations, statements and notices that have been issued or may be issued by Walnut Coding in the future. All the above rules, explanations, statements and notices are inseparable parts of this Agreement and have the same legal effect as the main text of this Agreement. When you register as a user, you have read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions of the main text of this Agreement and all kinds of rules, interpretations, statements and notices of Walnut Coding, and you undertake, understand and accept all kinds of rules, interpretations, statements and notices issued by Walnut Coding from time to time after you register as a user of the product ends of Walnut Coding.

4.Walnut Coding reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the main text of this Agreement or make and modify various rules, explanations, statements, notices, etc. from time to time as necessary and publish them in advance through the end of Walnut Coding products. You shall from time to time give notice of changes to the terms of the main text of this Agreement and to the various rules, interpretations, statements, notices, etc. If you continue to use Walnut Coding products and services after the terms and conditions of the main text of this Agreement and the rules, interpretations, statements and notices are changed, you shall be deemed to have fully read, understood and accepted the modified contents and will follow the modified terms and conditions of the main text of this Agreement and the rules, interpretations, statements and notices, etc. If you do not accept the modified content, you (hereinafter referred to as "User") should immediately stop using Walnut Coding products and services.

II. User Information and Protection


The user information referred to in this agreement contains the following:

(1)User personal information. Once you have registered for a Walnut Coding account, you will be able to manage and use your Walnut Coding products and services through that account. In order to ensure the safety of the user's use of Walnut Coding products and services, the user should first pass the real identity information authentication when registering. User personal information refers to all kinds of information recorded electronically or in other ways that can identify a specific natural person or reflect the activities of a specific natural person alone or in combination with other information, including: the user's real name, mobile phone number, bank account, third-party payment account, email, etc. In addition, due to the special nature of the education services provided by Walnut Coding, all or part of the Walnut Coding products and services purchased by the user may be used by the user's legal guardian or other persons with no or limited civil capacity. In order to provide services to these subjects in a more targeted manner, the user is required to provide personal information of the subjects above, including name, gender, date of birth and grade level of study. If the user provides such personal information, he/she shall ensure that he/she is the legal guardian of the subject of the personal information or has obtained sufficient authorization from the corresponding right holder.

(2)Other user personal information. All recorded information including text conversations, service evaluations, operating status, usage records, usage habits, etc. kept by the user on the Walnut Coding product end. As well as the content of pictures and videos containing the user, the user's legal guardian or other persons with no or limited civil capacity that the user actively uploads from time to time in order to use Walnut Coding products and services. Users who upload such contents to the Walnut Coding products shall ensure that he / she is the legal guardians of the subject of personal information or have obtained sufficient authorization from the corresponding right holder, and shall not infringe upon the legal rights and interests of any third party, including portrait rights, privacy rights and intellectual property rights. Walnut Coding has the right to block and delete any infringing or illegal content uploaded by users. Meanwhile, in order to protect users' personal information and citizens' privacy, Walnut Coding will consciously accept social supervision and promptly deal with the infringing and illegal contents uploaded by users reported by the public.

(3)Registration information. Registration information includes account name, profiles picture, etc. The content of registration information submitted by users to Walnut Coding shall not contain any illegal or undesirable information. If the user uses the portrait of the person under user's guardianship, other persons without civil capacity or persons with limited civil capacity as the profiles picture, he/she should ensure that he/she is the legal guardian of the subject of personal information or has obtained sufficient authorization from the corresponding right holder. Walnut Coding reserves the right not to register accounts containing the above-mentioned illegal and undesirable information. Meanwhile, in order to protect user personal information and citizens' privacy, Walnut Coding will consciously accept social supervision and promptly deal with the illegal and undesirable information in the account name, profiles picture and other registration information reported by the public.

(4)Information recorded by the third party platform. Users who register, log in and use Walnut Coding products and services through Tencent, WeChat and other third-party platform accounts will be deemed to have fully understood, agreed and accepted that Walnut Coding uses all the information filled in, registered, published and recorded in Tencent, WeChat and other third-party platforms in a manner including but not limited to collection, statistics and analysis. Once a user registers, logs in and uses Walnut Coding products and services with a third-party platform account, any use of such third-party recorded information by Walnut Coding is deemed to have been authorized by the user himself/herself.

2.Walnut Coding hereby undertakes to keep user information strictly confidential and not to rent or resell user information to third parties; however, you hereby agree and authorize that Walnut Coding may use your user information directly for the following purposes without obtaining additional consent and/or authorization from you.

(1)To carry out user identification, data verification and validation to ensure the security of activities carried out using Walnut Coding products and services and to prevent illegal and criminal activities.

(2)To conduct internal us of internal categorization, model building and analysis, in order to improve the service Walnut Coding provides to its users.

(3)For the prevention, detection, investigation of fraud, security hazards, illegality or violations of agreements, policies or rules with us or our affiliates, to protect the legal rights of you, our other users, us or our affiliates.

(4)We may combine information from one service with information from other services in order to provide you with better, personalized services, content and advice.

(5)For the purpose of charging you for various types of fees payable (if any).

(6)To recommend goods, services or promotional agreements offered by us, and share with our affiliates, partners to provide or recommend goods, services or promotions offered by our affiliates, partners to you in a targeted manner. You consent to the goods, services or promotions of us, our affiliates, partners. You consent to us, our affiliates, and our partners providing and sending you notices of service status, marketing campaigns, and other commercial information via site mail, email, phone, SMS, etc.

(7)To provide your personal data and information to the competent arbitration body or judicial, administrative, legislative and other authorities as required by the relevant laws and regulations.

(8)Other circumstances as authorised by you.

3.Users shall provide personal information and other necessary information to Walnut Coding on their own in accordance with the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, and the information provided must be true, accurate and complete on a legal basis, and ensure that the above information is updated in a timely manner. If the information provided by the user is not true, accurate, complete or updated in time, and as a result, the user suffers any loss or increases any cost or other adverse consequences in the process of using Walnut Coding products and services, the user shall bear the responsibility, and the product end of Walnut Coding reserves the right to suspend or terminate the user's use of Walnut Coding products and services.

4.The User shall maintain the security of his/her account and password on the Walnut Coding product ends and shall be fully responsible for all actions of this account on the Walnut Coding product ends. The user shall not sell, transfer or rent the account to others, otherwise he/she shall be fully responsible for any liability that may arise. In the event of unauthorized use of the password or account, or any security problems, the user is responsible for promptly and effectively notifying Walnut Coding and reporting to the local public security authorities.

5.Users agree to receive information including order information, special recommendations, promotions, etc. from Walnut Coding via SMS, telephone, email, instant messaging clients (web pages) or other legal means.

III. Service Contents

The services involved in this agreement refer to the corresponding services provided by Walnut Coding Company that users enjoy through Walnut Coding products, including but not limited to the curriculum, teaching materials, and course guidance services contained in Walnut Coding products. The curriculum includes a series of teaching videos, teaching courseware, lecture notes, learning props and other supporting supplies purchased by users through Walnut Coding designated channels (including but not limited to official websites, Tencent, WeChat, App, etc.).

1. Before using the services provided by Walnut Coding products, you should register a Walnut Coding account (hereinafter referred to as "service account"). You can set up, bind, and manage your service account through Walnut Coding product terminals, and enjoy the service of Walnut Coding product end through the service account. You should properly manage the account number and password of your service account, and you must not sell, transfer, or rent your service account, otherwise you should bear all the consequences that may arise from this action.

2. After you confirm that you have paid corresponding course fees to Walnut Coding, you can enjoy the course service according to the teaching time agreed with Walnut Coding. Unless otherwise specified, the course service of Walnut Coding will be provided online, and users can log in to the learning system of Walnut Coding products for course learning.

3. As for some Walnut Coding products (subject to the actual situation), after you confirm that you have paid corresponding course fees to Walnut Coding, you can enjoy guidance service corresponding to the purchased course. The guidance service refers to: the answers of course instructors for course-related learning problems that users have encountered in the Walnut Coding course. Users can enjoy course guidance service from the day when users purchase the Walnut teaching product that includes the course guidance service to three natural months after the end of the course. If users ask for a refund in accordance with Clause 3 of Article 4 in this agreement, the course guidance service will be terminated from the date when the refunding is completed. If the product purchased by users is a special course product of Walnut Coding that contains live lessons, the deadline for users to enjoy course guidance service of the special course is one natural month after the end of the course.

The termination of a course means that users have unlocked the last class of the course that they have purchased. For different series of courses under Walnut Coding product systems, the termination time of each series of courses is calculated independently.

4. Course contents, prices, classroom methods and other specific contents are subject to the contents written on the course registration page when you purchase the course.

5. Walnut Coding will determine the starting level for users according to their realities, and you should agree that the major courses that you learn should start from this starting level.

6. You can query and know the progress, use, and course reports of various courses under your service account in real time through Walnut Coding product terminals. However, Walnut Coding product terminals only provide query and display functions, and specific course information of users is subject to the actual use of the course under service accounts.

7. In principle, Walnut Coding will divide users into different classes in the same period. If users cannot accept the teaching for a long time under special circumstances, you can contact the head teacher of the course to apply suspension. When you need to resume the learning, you need to contact the teacher in advance to arrange matters related. In the case of live teaching of Walnut Coding special course, users are unable to apply suspension and resume the learning.

8. You can contact Walnut Coding customer service, head teacher or other staff through Walnut Coding product terminals to inquire about your questions in the process of using Walnut Coding products and services. Both parties should use polite language, respect each other, and communicate on an equal footing during the communication process and all subsequent conversations after the communication is completed. If one party needs to carry out recording activities such as sound recording and video recording during conversations, it should obtain the permission or consent of the other party. Neither party shall intimidate, threaten or harass the other party in terms of language and behavior, or infringe or attempt to invade the privacy and personal safety of the other party. In the event of any of the above actions, the party who is seriously troubled by the infringement shall have the right to immediately interrupt conversations. Walnut Coding product terminals should have the right to suspend or terminate the rights of related parties. If a related dispute occurs, Walnut Coding product terminals will support the infringed party to defend its rights in a reasonable manner on the basis of respecting the facts and the law.

9. You know and understand that Walnut Coding products and services may be provided to you by Walnut Coding and its branches in various regions, Changze Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and other affiliated companies. Walnut Coding promises that, regardless of the service provided by any of the aforementioned entities, if the service has defects, you can put forward relevant opinions and seek solutions to Walnut Coding.

IV. Fees and Payment

1. Users must abide by the pricing terms and rules of Walnut Coding products, and pay the course fees according to the information published on the course registration page.

2. Walnut Coding shall have the right to adjust the charging method and payment method of courses, and the specific charging rules published on the course registration page shall prevail.

3. Refunding Policy

When users purchase and use different Walnut Coding products, a separate refunding policy will be applied according to the actual product, which is shown as follows:

Content Offerings

Time of Cancellation


Trial Class Package

Before the second class is unlocked

Full payments of the package

Ø Introduction to Scratch Coding*

Ø Python for beginners*



Before class L3-1 is unlocked

Full payments of the package

After class L3-1 is unlocked

Unit-price*×number of class remain locked as of the date the refund is initiated.

*the first 7 extracurricular coding classes (L1-1 to L1-7)contained in each product package are provided for free.

*unit-price = full payments of the package ÷ 49


Your subscription will become effective upon the initial payment and remain in effect for 1 year. You authorize us to store your payment method you used to automatically collect fees at the beginning of each billing cycle (quarterly/semiannually), unless you unsubscribe.

Your bank may charge you for overseas transaction fees, which you will be responsible for.For specific fee standards and related policies, please consult your bank.

If your payment method is declined or has insufficient funds, and you failed to provide an alternate payment method or make the payment, your subscription may be cancelled.


You can cancel your subscription at any time before the beginning of next billing cycle by notifying our course tutor. You will still be able to use your subscription for the time you’ve already paid, but your past subscriptions cannot be cancelled or refunded.

V. Statements and Behaviors of Users

1.Users agree that in the process of using Walnut Coding products and services, they shall abide by national laws and regulations and pay strict attention to the statements and contents they publish. All users are not allowed to publish the following statements and engage in the following behaviors, once found, Walnut Coding has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the services provided to users and take all necessary measures:

(1)Publish statements and content that oppose the fundamental principles established by the Constitution of the People's Republic of China or stipulated in our laws and regulations.

(2)Publish statements and content that endanger national security, leak state secrets, subvert state power and undermine national unity.

(3)Publish statements and content that damage national honor, national interest and public interest.

(4)Publish statements that incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermine ethnic unity.

(5)Publish statements and content that undermine the State's religious policy and promote evil cults and feudal superstition.

(6)Disseminate false rumors, as well as statements and content that disrupt social order and undermine social stability.

(7)Publish relevant statements and content involving past leaders of the country and commentary on current affairs.

(8)Publish statements and content that insult or defame others and infringe on their legitimate interests.

(9)Publish statements and content that have a negative impact on minors.

(10)Publish content that is obscene, pornographic, gambling, violent, murderous, terrorist, illegal religion or abetting crime.

(11)Use Walnut Coding products to engage in illegal and criminal activities such as money laundering, theft of trade secrets and theft of other users' personal information.

(12)Intrude into the Walnut Coding product end and the national computer information system, spreading viruses, Trojan horses, time bombs and other malicious viruses or programs that may harm the Walnut Coding product end and the Walnut Coding product system or affect its normal operation.

(13)Engage in all for-profit business activities not agreed to by the Walnut Coding Company.

(14)Infringe third party rights, in particular intellectual property rights or legal rights of others such as copyright and trademark rights.

2.In addition to the circumstances listed in Clause 1 of Article 5, Walnut Coding reserves the right to delete all kinds of information that does not comply with laws and policies or is untrue without notifying users, if the user has published illegal information, bad information, serious violations of social morality or other acts that violate the prohibitions of the law, if the personal information provided is untrue or inconsistent with the information at the time of registration and fails to provide reasonable proof, or if it is required by regulatory authorities, for security reasons or other necessary circumstances. If the user fails to comply with the above, Walnut Coding reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate the service to the user and to take all necessary measures.

3.Users must pay attention when canceling their accounts. The user account is commonly used across the Walnut Coding product end and cannot be cancelled separately. If you cancel your account in any of the Walnut Coding products of the Walnut Coding product end, the account will not be available on all of the user's Walnut Coding products and cannot be recovered.

VI. Intellectual Property Rights

1.Walnut Coding is the owner of all information content and intellectual property rights in Walnut Coding products. The aforementioned information content includes but is not limited to program code, interface design, layout frame, data materials, text, pictures, graphics, icons, audio, video, etc., except for the content that should be entitled by the relevant right holders according to laws and regulations.

2.Without the authorization of Walnut Coding and the relevant right holder, the user shall not copy, imitate, transmit, publish, disclose, display, or use the relevant contents as stipulated in Article VI in any way and form, including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, audio and video ways and forms, etc. The user shall not mirror any Walnut Coding product contents to any other website or server. Any unauthorized use of the content of Walnut Coding products is illegal and Walnut Coding will pursue legal responsibility according to law.

VII. Disclaimer

1.Walnut Coding hereby declares that it will not bear any legal liability for the occurrence of the following related matters:

(1)Users shall abide by the relevant laws, regulations and administrative rules of the country. If any user violates national laws and regulations or this Agreement, Walnut Coding has the right to stop providing services to users without any responsibility. If Walnut Coding suffers any damage or suffers any dispute, lawsuit or claim from a third party due to the user's illegal use, the user shall compensate Walnut Coding for the corresponding losses, and the user shall bear all legal liabilities for all consequences arising from its violation of this Agreement;

(2)Any leakage of personal information as a result of you informing others of your user password or sharing your registered account with others, or any other leakage of personal information that is not due to Walnut Coding.

(3)To provide your personal information as required by law or relevant government policies.

(4)Any information obtained from the product end of Walnut Coding through illegal interception and access such as hacking, computer virus intrusion, etc.; and

(5)Any consequences caused by international general force majeure factors such as typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, power failure, war, terrorist attack, etc.

2.The service behavior under this Agreement involves Internet, mobile communication and other services, which may be affected by unstable factors in all links, such as the risk of service interruption or failure to meet the user's requirements caused by force majeure, computer virus or hacker attack. The user shall understand and accept, and bear the above risks. Based on the influence of the above-mentioned unstable factors that may occur in each link, Walnut Coding hereby declares that it does not guarantee the timeliness, safety and accuracy of the service, and does not assume any responsibility for any problems such as the user's inability to receive information or delivery errors as a result, which shall be understood and acknowledged by users.

3.If the normal operation of Walnut Coding products is affected by the failure of Walnut Coding's own system, Walnut Coding promises to cooperate with relevant units within the first time to deal with and repair it in time. However, Walnut Coding will not be responsible for any economic loss incurred by users as a result. In addition, Walnut Coding reserves the right to suspend all or any part of the services of Walnut Coding product end without prior notice for repair and maintenance, upgrade or other purposes.

VIII. Notification

For each notice under this Agreement, Walnut Coding has the right to deliver it by public announcement on the product end of Walnut Coding (including website, App, WeChat mini app, etc.), as well as by sending information to your Walnut Coding account, email address and cell phone number provided by you, by calling your phone number, and by express or registered mail to your address. If the notice is made by public announcement, it is deemed to have been delivered on the day of public announcement. If it is sent in the form of electronic message to your Walnut Coding account, e-mail address and mobile phone number, it is deemed to have been delivered once it is successfully sent. If it is sent by telephone, it is deemed to have been delivered when the notice is made. If it is sent by express or registered mail, it is deemed to have been delivered on the third day after the date of delivery. Please pay close attention to the information in your e-mail, mail, message and cell phone, and notify the product end of Walnut Coding to update your contact information when it changes. The product end of Walnut Coding will only send you notifications based on the contact information you provide, and you will be responsible for any losses incurred by you due to failure to update your contact information in accordance with the above agreement. You also agree and acknowledge that if you have set up not to receive notifications or alerts from Walnut Coding product end, you may not receive such notifications and you may not claim that such notifications were not delivered because you did not receive or read them.

IX. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising from the signing and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China and shall be brought to the People's Court of the domicile of Beijing Congming Hetao Educational Technology Co., Ltd

X. Others

1.If you access or use the Walnut Coding product from a country or region outside of mainland China, you are responsible for strictly abiding by the laws governing online conduct and acceptable content in that country or region.

2.If any part of this Agreement is defined to be invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and shall continue to be performed.

Effective: November 30th, 2023